Heavy Truck Repair: Signs The Truck’s Engine Is Failing

Heavy Truck Repair: Signs The Truck’s Engine Is Failing

There is no question that trucking is a difficult job. Anyone who takes on this role puts many miles on their truck each year. While regular service and maintenance can help prevent some items, at some point or another every truck is going to need some type of repair. It is best for a trucker to learn the indications that it is time to seek Heavy Truck Repair due to a failing engine. Some of the most common signs of this problem are found here.

Reduced Fuel Economy

If a trucker notices that they are spending more while at the pump, then it may indicate the engine has begun to fail. The fact is, poor fuel economy is one of the first indications that a driver needs to seek Heavy Truck Repair. In most cases, damaged or worn out injectors are to blame.

An Engine that is Losing Power

Is the engine now working as well as it once was? Is the truck not pulling as well as it once did? Is the truck’s top speed not what it used to be? If so, then the issue may be with the cylinder compression. The head gasket, valves or piston rings may be the cause of the damage.

Increased Consumption of Oil

If a driver suddenly notices that they are having to constantly check their oil, then it is time to have the engine checked. Another sign of the truck consuming more oil is if the driver has to add more and more oil in between changes. In these situations, it may be an indication that the engine is burning or leaking oil. This is often caused by the cylinder liner or piston rings.

Black or Blue Exhaust

If the exhaust coming from the truck is black or blue, then it may mean that the truck is burning oil or releasing fuel into the environment.

Don’t ignore problems with a big rig. In the long run, they are only going to get worse. Being aware of an issue is the best way to ensure that it is fixed in a timely manner. More information about truck repairs can be found by contacting the staff at Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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