Heating Oil in Norwich, CT- Separating Fact from Fiction


There are plenty of rumors surrounding the sale and purchase of home heating oil in Norwich, CT. Many houses in the city are not connected to the natural gas pipeline grid. If you do not have an electric boiler, your only option is to purchase a boiler powered by oil. It’s important to note that conventional oil is not used in these boilers. Instead, a special kind of oil, with considerably low viscosity is used. It contains a number of petroleum-driven hydrocarbons that is capable of producing up to 138,500 BTUs per US gallon.

Private Delivery Networks

There are several companies in the city that have their own delivery networks. You can place an order for heating oil directly through the company’s website or by calling the specified number. Oil boilers are considerably large in size. If you want to store heating oil, you will need to get a storage tank installed. The tank must be regularly inspected by a certified engineer to ensure that there’s no leakage or damage.

Price Variances

The prices of crude oil in the international market are never fixed. Those who own heating oil boilers are particularly delighted at the moment, especially considering the fact that oil prices are quite low at the moment. Most people claim that home oil is actually more expensive than gas based boilers. That is a pure fabrication of fact.

The prices might be higher at times due to continual fluctuation, but at the moment, oil based boilers are certainly more affordable than gas or electric boilers. If you have a storage tank at home, you can place a bulk order when crude oil prices are particularly low in the market, thus allowing you to save a considerable amount of money on every order.

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