Healthy Landscaping Tips From Your Tree Service in Fairfield Connecticut

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Landscaping

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Beautiful lawns and landscapes do not just happen. It takes time, effort and knowledge to keep a yard lush and green. In the past, this task was accomplished with the assistance of gallons of pesticides and chemical-laced fertilizers. These did what they were expected, but they had unforeseen consequences including poisoning animals and beneficial insects as well as polluting ground water. Horticulture experts now understand the importance of earth-friendly methods and materials. Homeowners who wish to keep their yards looking wonderful in-between trips from their landscapers can use these following tips to achieve that goal.

Choose Foliage Wisely

Plants which are native to your area will require less effort, fertilizer and water to flourish than those which have to adjust to the climate. If you intersperse these plants with those which can perform double-duty, like deter pests and insects, you can also lessen the need for pesticides while keeping your plants and flowers intact. Examples of these types of plants include mint, basil and lavender among many others.

Find Homemade Solutions

If you feel you must resort to using an insecticide, try a homemade version instead. Some include mixing citrus oil and cayenne pepper, others call for a blend of equal parts vegetable oil and liquid dish soap with a dash of baking soda or simply sprinkling a few drops of eucalyptus oil in areas where the bugs congregate.

Keep Your Trees

Trees keep yards cool and shaded. They reduce the need for water and they lessen erosion by blocking wind. Trees also provide homes for a variety of wildlife. Birds, nature’s little exterminator, are each able to eat thousands of insects every day.

Choose Landscapers Carefully

Do not randomly choose a tree service in Fairfield Connecticut. Just because they are able to keep a neighbor’s lawn green, it does not mean they are using a safe and sensible method. Instead, contact a company like They understand why organic methods matter and will work with you to reduce your environmental impact while continuing to bolster the health and appearance of your yard.

Once your yard is established and you have developed a routine, you will find it is much easier to maintain. Your landscaper will assist with issues like appropriate tree trimming, protecting plants and trees from disease and helping you to learn safe methods of mulching and fertilizing. To learn more check out








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