Have You Considered Consulting A Chiropractor In Chicagoland?

Have You Considered Consulting A Chiropractor In Chicagoland?

Very few of us can claim to be one hundred percent fit all of the time wherever we might be living. There are many things that can affect our bodies apart from the obvious disease or injury aspects. Very few of us have any qualms about consulting a medical doctor if we feel “something is not quite right” with us. However, when it comes to seeking out Chiropractors in Lincoln Park, Chicago, we might be a little wary of the concept.


Not all that long ago, the practice of chiropractics was, at best, considered something of an oddity that was actively opposed by the established medical profession. Although some of the practices date back to ancient Asian thinking, it was not until the 1890’s that one David Daniel Palmer founded what became known as chiropractics. Today, the more mystical associations used by Palmer have been replaced by a more scientific way of thinking Nowadays, the chiropractor that you see will be someone highly trained and qualified in what they do. However, in the eyes of some people, the profession’s image is still somewhat associated with alternate medicine.

A Holistic Approach To The Human Body

Although the science of chiropractics is primarily concerned with diagnosing and treating mechanical problems with our musculoskeletal system (particularly our spines), most of its practitioners take a far wider view. As well as correcting problems related to our nervous systems where the main route from our extremities to our brains is via our spinal cords, they also take lifestyle factors into account and compliment spinal manipulation with such as nutritional advice, acupuncture, herbal remedies, homeopathy, or biofeedback. Most chiropractic clinics use the same diagnostic equipment as found in hospitals and many incorporate physical therapy, massage and yoga in their treatment program.


Some sporting injuries result from quite spectacular accidents (think skiing, horse racing, football even basketball) but most sporting injuries are far more mundane and might not be directly related to the sport itself (the sport being the activity that worsens a prior existing problem). An avid golfer who slowly discovers that taking his swing makes his back hurt or, a tennis player developing ”tennis elbow”, a ten pin bowler having to give up because of knee pain, etc – even joggers finding that their legs easily become painful even when going at a walking pace.

Standard medical opinion will often simply say – “give up the activity if it is hurting you”. However, most of us “love” our chosen sport and are very reluctant to give it up. In that case, the holistic chiropractic approach might not only provide pain relief but also prolong your sporting life.

Anyone looking for Chiropractors In Lincoln Park, will be pleased to hear that Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers operate a clinic at 2654 N. Lincoln Ave.

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