Handy Checklist of Tips for Hiring a Maid Service

by | Apr 26, 2018 | House Cleaning Service

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If you’re hopeless with cleaning tasks and spend more time on them than necessary, it may be better to hire a maid service in Manhattan. Here’s a checklist of hiring tips to help you.

Plan ahead

A lot of reputable cleaning companies have regular clients that fill up their schedule. You may need to wait a few days before they can accommodate your request. If you need help, start looking around for cleaning services in advance. Planning will help you find cleaners, especially if you need them for big events, Quick and Dirty says.

Know the basics

What kind of services can you expect? What’s covered in the standard rate? Find out so you won’t accidentally incur extra charges when you ask them to perform a service that may not be included in the rate they quoted you.

Ask about insurance and bond

It’s a good idea to hire cleaners who are bonded and insured. That sets your worries to rest, knowing you won’t cover the costs of medical bills in case an accident happens onsite.

Ask about the cleaning products

Most times, a cleaning crew will bring along their own cleaning products and tools to the job. That may be ideal for you since you won’t need to worry about stocking up on supplies when you’re busy beating a deadline. With a maid service in Manhattan to take care of that, you can work without any worries.

Know their names

When the cleaners arrive at your home, find out who they are. Knowing the people you allow into your home is a good start to a professional relationship.

Get rid of the clutter

You may want to put away the clutter. Moving those things means you free up your cleaner to move on to the heavier and more complicated, time-consuming cleaning tasks.

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