greenhousStudied Uses of Medical Marijuana

greenhousStudied Uses of Medical Marijuana

Supporters of medical marijuana are open about their usage to increase awareness, and to bring change to the view of medical marijuana. The hope of most supporters of medical marijuana is to allow medical dispensaries in Lake County, and other places, to operate. They work so that the rest of the public can see effective treatment for their illnesses, and that the access for you and others is increased. Real, normal, and everyday people use medical marijuana to treat a variety of ailments. They see results for symptoms of glaucoma, cancer and cancer treatment side effects, and nerve pain.

Glaucoma and Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma is the inflammation of the optical nerve, and it causes pain and reduction of vision. It is a progressive disease, and will get worse over time. The use of medical marijuana has documented success in many people with treating both the pain and the progressive loss of vision.

Cancer and Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Cancer survivors around the country swear by the positive impacts medical marijuana has had on their symptoms. It is common that you may use medical marijuana to alleviate some of the side effects of the chemotherapy treatment that you are prescribed to try to beat cancer. It is shown that medical marijuana can improve your appetite, help with gastrointestinal troubles you may have, and relieved some of the anxieties of cancer treatment.

Nerve Pain

There are many sources for nerve pain. It can be a sign of many different diseases, and can also be caused by injury to your brain, neck, or other nerves throughout your body. Nerve pain is not generally receptive to other treatment options, and generally require heavy usage of pain medication to effectively control. Many studies support that the pain control from medical cannabis is effective, and there are much less side effects that patients suffer from on medical marijuana compared to other drugs.

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