Golf Cart Services in Bradenton FL Help Seniors and People With Disabilities Continue to Enjoy Playing

Golf Cart Services in Bradenton FL Help Seniors and People With Disabilities Continue to Enjoy Playing

Golfing is well-recognized for its health benefits in addition to being a fun, challenging activity. It allows people to spend time outside, to use and improve their physical skills, and stimulate their cognitive abilities. Even when someone has a certain level of physical disability, Golf Cart Services in Bradenton FL help this person get around the course and continue to enjoy playing.

Relevant Research

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed that golfing has many health benefits and can even increase a player’s lifespan. The moderate intensity of physical exercise involved combined with the need to think carefully about each move is advantageous for physical and mental well-being.

Even if the players cannot walk around the entire course, golfing helps them build and maintain their muscle strength. Seniors who begin playing golf regularly improve their balance and coordination, which is important for preventing falls in this age group.

Additional research shows that a person can burn up to 850 calories playing 18 holes when using a cart to get around the course. Golf is also advantageous for building social relationships, as people see familiar faces on the course and in the clubhouse whenever they go. Virtually any type of exercise enhances mood through the release of more endorphins in the brain.

Bringing Personal Carts

Many golf courses allow members to bring their own carts instead of renting them from the facility. Usually there’s a trail fee, though. Golf Cart Services in Bradenton FL can supply golf courses with a fleet of vehicles and sell single carts to individuals as well. To find out more about buying carts, a person may contact a supplier such as Leisure Products.

The individual players bring the cart in a pickup truck that has a motorized lift or haul it on a trailer. Some people rely on a cart where they live to get around the neighborhood because they are not physically able enough to walk a good distance. People who own their own carts and want to try different courses should call first and find out whether they can bring their own and what the trail fee is.

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