Go Tropical With Mango eLiquid


For those that want to try something different, something out of the ordinary, and something that will give you that vacation sensation at any time look no further than a top quality mango eLiquid. Fruity, slightly sweet and always a rich-tasting experience, mango eLiquid is a great option for both novice and experienced vapers alike.

The problem that many people with find when trying to find a top quality mango eLiquid is that many companies that produce the flavor require the eLiquid to steep for at least a couple of weeks to really develop the mango flavor. However, some companies have also tried to boost the flavor in their mango eLiquid with a resulting eLiquid that tastes very chemically and candied as opposed to a true, fruity flavor.

Finding the Best Mango eLiquid

If you want to try to find the best mango eLiquid, start by browsing the selections offered by a top award winning company. Look for companies that have been tapped by their customers as top producers of fruit flavored eLiquids. This gives you the best possible chance of getting the full, ripe flavor of mango when you vape.

Consider a Mango eLiquid Blend

Many experienced vapers choose a mango juice that is a blend. Often the mango flavor is muted and an undertone initially in the mixture but with steeping, the mango flavor gradually becomes more robust and pronounced.

This is a great way to constantly have a slightly different flavor for your daily vaping enjoyment. Of course, you will want to keep notes on just when the mango flavor hits the perfect level for your personal taste. This means buying a few bottles at a time and doing some experimenting until you find the right balance might be a great idea. You can also opt to blend mango with a cream or vanilla eLiquid for a custom flavor that is a great after dinner option.

offers some terrific blends that have an amazing combination of fruit flavors that gradually evolve over time and steeping. You may want to try Betelgeuse, the 2013 Best of ECF Fruit winner, to really get the sense of just how mango flavor can add to a fruit blend.

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