Glasses Were Not Always Stylish And Beautiful Like Today’s Eyeglasses In NYC

Glasses Were Not Always Stylish And Beautiful Like Today’s Eyeglasses In NYC

Eyeglasses in NYC have never been more varied or attractive than they are today. That wasn’t always the case. Early glasses weren’t very attractive. Some were simply strange.

The First Eyeglasses

No one knows who invented eyeglasses, but they first appeared in Italy in the 1200s. They weren’t very convenient as they had to be held and looked through or balanced upon the nose. Only monks and scholars bothered with them.

Giant Leaps Forward in the 1700s

After 500 years, someone finally figured out that glasses would be much more convenient if there was a way to actually keep them firmly in place. At last, glasses were sold with side pieces that hooked over the ears.

Benjamin Franklin made one of his most important inventions: bifocals. He hated changing glasses for either reading or distance, so solved his problem with bifocals. Since then, no one knows how many people have worn bifocals, but it has to be an enormously large number.

Scissor Glasses

Not everyone thought that the side pieces were necessary. Instead, they chose scissor glasses. Imagine a pair of scissors without the blades and with lenses set into the handles. The user held them in place. George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte, both normally intelligent men, chose scissors-glasses.

The Lorgnette

In the 1800s, glasses had a bad rep. Anyone who wore them was considered old, infirm and definitely not stylish. The lorgnette was the answer. In the movies, the lorgnette (glasses on a stick) was always associated with a wealthy, too-proud older woman. However, lorgnettes were actually very popular.

Hollywood to the Rescue

A famous Hollywood actor, Harold Lloyd, wore tortoiseshell spectacles in the 1920s and started a trend that continues today. Sunglasses entered the picture in the 1930s. Modern glasses are designed to be stylish, lighter and safer. You can click here to get more details.

Today’s Lenses

Today’s digital progressive lenses are an incredible advance. They are one-of-a-kind, designed for the wearer’s unique eyes.

There are many choices, including:

  • Single vision lenses, great for reading or distance

  • Office lenses with larger zones for near and intermediate vision

  • Progressive addition lenses

  • Different materials are used depending on the wearer’s wishes and needs

  • Sunglasses with available with either prescription or nonprescription lenses

In Manhattan and NYC, Charlotte Jones Opticians is a premier optical boutique specializing in designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. Eyeglasses in NYC have never looked better. Of course, the lenses will also be designed just for you.

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