Gas Saving Tips for Your Car

Gas Saving Tips for Your Car

Buying gas is expensive. The rising costs of automotive fuel has reach sky high limits these past few years. Although buying gas is inevitable, there are some actions you can take to lengthen the time between fuel-ups that can help you save a few dollars.


Flat tires can cause wasted fuel. If a car’s tires are losing air, the car and its parts will have to work harder to keep driving. Always do a visual inspection of your tires before you get in your car for the day. If you spot a leak, go to your local gas station and fill the tire up with air. If a patch is needed, go to a repair shop or replace the tire altogether.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can be taxing on your car. Whether brand new or an older model, if you don’t treat your car with care, it shows. Accelerating at high speed can consume your gas quicker than driving in a more gentle manner. Make sure you keep speeding down, always obeying traffic speeds.

Car Maintenance

If your check engine light comes on, make sure to take care of the possible repair right away. You want to keep your engine in top shape to maintain top performance. If your car maintains a high level of performance, the usage of gas will be spent efficiently. Any engine problems or rough driving should get checked out immediately. Auto repair in Archer Heights can keep your car in premium shape.

Drive Wisely

Make sure you drive efficiently. If you have to do errands, make sure you drive the shortest route between stops. If you can cluster your stops in the same location, you can save gas and mileage. Try not to use routes that are heavy with traffic lights as the stop and go can eat you gas usage up.

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