Furniture Removals – Some Valuable Moving Tips


So, moving day is fast approaching and you haven’t yet packed. Don’t worry, because you still have plenty of time to disassemble furniture, pack and transport it, if you hire help from a professional that is. Furniture removalists will specialise in relocation and household shifting, therefore they will know how to meticulously pack and handle furnishings of all shapes, sizes and weights. You will probably want to continue living as normal a life as possible in the time leading up to a big move, which is why you should prepare with the following moving tips.

Gather Plenty of Packing Supplies

In most cases, the furniture removalists will supply the packing materials, so you don’t have to pay for any. You can trust that the packing supplies offered by professionals will protect even the most fragile pieces of furniture. To further protect items, head to the local supermarket and collect a number of cardboard boxes in a variation of sizes. Most grocery shops and supermarkets will receive weekly shipments and so will be a good source for free boxes. Tape, labels and bubble wrap will also come in handy for packaging furniture before removalists get started.

Pack Each Room Individually

Help yourself out a little bit by considering your needs after the move. How soon will you need to unpack and assemble certain pieces of furniture? If it’s the refrigerator or bed, chances are you will want to put it in its new place as soon as possible. This is why you ought to pack each room individually with colour coded or labelled boxes. By doing so, you can easily figure out where each piece of furniture is and can avoid wasting time unpacking things that could be left until a later date.

Get Rid and Recycle Items

Remember that the more items you need to pack and move, the more expensive the quote will be. This is why you should be an eco-conscious individual and do a spot of recycling. Most materials can be recycled and transformed into something new nowadays, such as wood, plastic, glass and metal. Items that cannot be recycled can be sold or donated to friends, families and charitable organisations for free. Even if you don’t make money, you can save money when you downsize before a big move.

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