Frequently Asked Questions About The Installation Of A Copper Ceiling In Westchester, NY

Frequently Asked Questions About The Installation Of A Copper Ceiling In Westchester, NY

Many homeowners and business owners have tin ceiling tiles installed in their homes or buildings because of the vintage appearance of the tiles. The tiles are available in several kinds of finishes, including solid copper and copper plated. To learn more about tin ceilings before contacting a copper ceiling Westchester NY area installation company, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) After a company installs the tin ceiling, can the ceiling tiles be painted?

A.) Many homeowners and business owners do choose to paint their tin ceiling after it’s installed. When choosing the paint for the ceiling, individuals should make sure the paint isn’t water based. Some individuals add a clear coat of finish to their ceiling tiles.

Q.) After a copper tin ceiling is installed, can repairs be done to the ceiling if necessary?

A.) If copper ceiling tiles become damaged, a Copper Ceiling Westchester NY area company can be called to repair the tiles. Tin ceiling repairs are simple and, after getting the correct tiles that match the existing ceiling tiles, a professional installer can quickly replace the old tiles with the new ones. After painting the tiles the same color as the existing ceiling tiles, the repairs won’t be visible.

Q.) Is it possible to install copper tiles on a ceiling that’s comprised of plaster?

A.) A Copper Ceiling Westchester NY area company is unable to attach tin tiles to a plaster ceiling. In order to properly install the tiles on a ceiling, there has to be a wood surface available so the sheets of ceiling tiles can be nailed to a sturdy surface. There are various types of installation techniques available for ceiling tiles and they include wood suspension, steel suspension, lay in, and snap in. When taking the measurements for your tin ceiling, the installer will note the type of ceiling that’s currently in the room and recommend the best type of installation process.

Abingdon Construction supplies and installs tin ceilings in homes and businesses in Westchester and the surrounding areas. Contact us for additional information about our products and services or to request a quote for tin ceiling installation.

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