Four Reasons to Install a Water Softener System in Cedar Rapids, IA


Water is the one need that all living things have in common. Clean, safe, and potable water should be available to all residents of the United States. That’s why just about every city has certain requirements regarding water quality. Unfortunately, a good deal of the tap water in this great country is hard water. While hard water is not considered dangerous, it can have some fairly unpleasant consequences. Read on to find out why every household should consider installing a Water Softener System in Cedar Rapids IA.

Better Taste

Although most tap water is considered potable, that doesn’t mean it tastes good. The minerals in hard water often have an unpleasant smell, and can even taste bad. Water softeners remove the unpleasant effects of hard water, turning otherwise barely potable tap water into a refreshing treat.

Extend the Life of Appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and other appliances that draw water directly from the tap are all damaged by hard water. Mineral buildups can occur and, over time, can cause the need for more frequent or extensive repairs. Most home appliances simply aren’t built to withstand constant hard water use. As a result, they can become clogged or even stop working entirely. Installing a Water Softener System in Cedar Rapids IA can help to extend their life spans and decrease the amount of maintenance and repair visits required by home appliances.

Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

The same minerals that cause less-than-inviting smells can damage clothing and dishes. Many homeowners assume that the water stains that appear on their glasses when they are coming out of the dishwasher are thanks to the brand of soap being used. In fact, most of the time these stains are caused by hard water. The same minerals can cause even freshly laundered clothing to appear less bright and clean.

Cleaner Hair and Skin

Showering in hard water can be extremely frustrating. It can feel impossible to get truly clean. That’s because the mineral content of the water makes it difficult to completely remove soap residue. Homeowners who are currently using water softeners only for their drinking water may want to consider contacting Waterhouse Water Systems about making an upgrade to a whole-house water softening system today.

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