Following The Steps Of The Naturalization Process With Citizenship Lawyers

Following The Steps Of The Naturalization Process With Citizenship Lawyers

Immigrants who want to become legal citizens must fulfill the obligations as described by the USCIS. These requirements begin with acquiring a visa through the embassy in the immigrant’s native country. Citizenship lawyers could assist these individuals with the naturalization process and provide advice about how to remain in the country legally.

Receiving a Proper Visa

The first step to naturalization is to acquire a visa. The options available for a visa that fall in line with these aspirations include work and college. A work visa helps the immigrant establish a track record with an employer and remain as long as they maintain employment through their chosen company.

For college visas, the immigrant applies to the college of their choice and upon acceptance they qualify for a college visa. These visas allow them to remain in the country during their college careers. As long as they have a valid visa and continue to attend the college, they have a valid reason for remaining in the country.

Establishing Residency in the U.S.

The first requirement for establishing citizenship is to establish residency for five years. Immigrants could fulfill this requirement in one of two ways. They could complete a four-year college program and obtain a work visa before graduation. If they are in the country on a work visa, they could continue to renew their visas as directed and continue to work for the same employer for five years.

Attending Courses As Required

As part of the citizenship process, the immigrant must pass an exam that covers vital requirements related to speaking the English language and Civics. These immigrants have local resources to help them achieve these requirements. Local schools may provide these courses for immigrants. The programs prepare them for the required exam.

Immigrants are required to follow specific rules for remaining in the country. If they violate these requirements, they face the possibility of deportation. This could include failing to renew their visa or notifying their caseworkers of vital changes such as employers, schools, or residence. Immigrants who want assistance with legalities related to the naturalization process should contact The Law Office of Gilda O. Karpouzian citizenship lawyers for more information. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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