Flood Restoration Service In Palm Desert Will Make Your Home New Again


The weather has been very unpredictable. Levies and dams have broken from the force of the excessive water from unprecedented rains. Flooding can destroy a home or business, and mold can rapidly develop if a Flood Restoration Service in Palm Desert isn’t hired quickly to fix the damage. Removing the water from a flooded home or business is only one part of flood restoration. Inspection of the flooring, drying and other areas of the structure for hidden water damage is a crucial part of the restoration of a building after flooding has occurred. Once porous surfaces have absorbed the water, they will have to be dried within 48 hours, or the mold will begin to develop.

What’s the problem with mold inside of a structure? Mold is an allergen and can cause serious breathing problems for the very young or old and other individuals that have asthma and allergies. Toxic black mold can cause serious health complications in individuals. Once an area has been dried, mold spores can easily travel throughout a structure through the air or ventilation system. These spores can easily begin growing in another area if moisture becomes a problem. Mold can create a very foul smell within a building and is very difficult to remove without the experience of a Flood Restoration Service in Palm Desert.

A flood restoration company offers 24-hour emergency service when a disaster strikes. They understand the emotional toll a flooding situation creates for a homeowner or business owner and will work quickly to restore the property back to its original condition. The first thing they will do is eliminate the water problem. Once the water has been stopped, they will immediately begin drying the area with large fans and dehumidifiers. They will remove any items that need to be cleaned or replaced and carefully document all of the items. They will work with an owner’s insurance company to alleviate more stress on an owner.

When your home or business has been flooded because of outside weather conditions, inside plumbing or sewage backup, Visit Rapid Dry Inc. They have experienced technicians that can quickly return a home or business to its original condition.

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