Finding the Quietest Air Hand Dryer at World Dryer

Finding the Quietest Air Hand Dryer at World Dryer

If there’s one thing that many air hand dryer options have in common, it’s the fact that they are so loud. Even when the decibel rating is not that large, it seems like dryers are just a lot louder than we expect them to be. Part of this is the environment in which they are found – a small room made entirely of tile or concrete echoes like a cave. But there are quieter options from World Dryer that can make the restroom in your property much more peaceful.

Who Cares About Quiet Hand Dryers?

There are many situations in which you may need a quiet air hand dryer. For example, if the property is a health care facility that assists people with sensory disorders, they may find a very loud dryer to be uncomfortable to use. If the property is a building in which you may need quiet at times, such as a church or a funeral home, this is another good reason to choose a quiet model. And what if the restroom is right by your meeting room or an important office? That could be another situation in which you’d prefer not to hear a lot of noise.

How Are Hand Dryers Rated for Noise?

All hand dryers have a specific decibel level, but again, these aren’t always the best way to tell how loud the dryer will seem in the restroom. The way that air dryers are rated is in a soundproof chamber when the recording device is situated several feet away. This doesn’t measure what it will sound like when you are standing right in front of the dryer in the echo chamber of a restroom.

The Quietest Air Hand Dryer at World Dryer

World Dryer has many fantastic options for commercial restrooms, but one of the best for quiet is the American Dryer eXtremeAir GXT. This is an adjustable hand dryer, which means that you can determine how loud or quiet the machine is by turning a dial. Of course, to get the quietest level, you also turn down the power quite a bit, but in some situations, this may be the best option. Even at the least powerful setting, it is still rated to fully dry hands efficiently.

When looking for the best air hand dryer for quiet performance, World Dryer has what you need.

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