Fighting for What Is Right with an SSDI Law Attorney in St. Louis County, MO


In Missouri, workers who develop disabilities will need assistance to remain financially stable. These circumstances prevent them from returning to work after an accident and lead to an inability to support themselves financially. When these workers are denied benefits, an SSDI law attorney in St. Louis County, MO steps in to fight for what is right.

What Is SSDI?

SSDI isn’t standard disability payments. They are derived from insurance contributions. Basically, these are insurance payments provided to workers who have developed a disability or long-term injury that stopped them from working again. The insurance payments are provided each month to provide the disabled worker with an income.

How Is SSDI Accumulated?

SSDI benefits are accumulated while the individual works. Their employer deducts payments from the worker’s paycheck each pay period and submits them to the Social Security Administration. They are accumulated for the purpose of providing payments if the individual becomes disabled or must retire before the standard retirement age.

When Can Workers Access the Funds?

They submit an application with the SSA to access these funds. They must provide medical records that support their claim that they are unable to work in any industry. They must present clear evidence of how they sustained the injury or disability and wait for the SSA to make a final decision about their case and send them a response.

What Happens If They Are Denied the Funds?

If they are denied these benefits, they must file an appeal with an attorney. The worker is entitled to these benefits based on their current condition. Since these benefits are made up of money they have earned, the SSA cannot unjustly deny them access to the funds. If the appeal fails, they may need to file a lawsuit.

In Missouri, workers have access to social security disability insurance if they develop a disability while working. The benefits provide them with the financial support they are unable to obtain by working.

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