Feel Pampered and Luxurious with Facial Therapy in Darien CT


Darien is one of the largest and most beautiful towns in Connecticut. Sitting in the southernmost region of the state and 37 miles north of New York City, Darien is home to the financial and scheduling operations of JetBlue Airways. One of the more prominent traits among the gorgeous hills and forests are a large number of medical and day spas. These pampering retreats offer luxury to care for you as you rest, listen to soothing music and have a massage, a facial, a quick trip to a steam room or a wide variety of other perks. But lately, the industry has come to recognize the benefits of a medical spa and offers their services for Facial Therapy in Darien CT. Here are a few of those services.

Medical Spas Offer the Same Luxury with Health Focused Benefits

Just like a day spa, a medical spa thrives in a relaxing atmosphere. Attention is especially paid to details on everything from the colors of the walls to the fabric of the robes. They do however offer some important differences. Because a medical spa is a healthcare center, it has both a licensed medical staff and estheticians under its roof. The extra services offered because of the presence of the medical professionals can range from Botox injections (a known migraine reducer) to Lipo-suction. One of the biggest things a medical spa does is to care for the client before, during and after, assessing how best to meet their medical needs while leaving them feeling like royalty.

Facial Therapy Combines Cleansing with Muscle Relaxation and Support

Medical spa facial therapy focuses on what facial therapy is known for. Relaxing massages, cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and a custom masque treatment for your skin type. However, the medical part of that also focuses on relaxing tense muscles that can leave the face and neck in pain. It also works to drain the sinuses, something that allergy or sinus infection sufferers may get a great deal of relief from. By focusing efforts on three or four sinus zones, a therapist can cause any buildup or blockage to drain away from the face, relieving pressure and improving quality and breathing. Facial Therapy in Darien CT uses a custom system for your exact health and beauty needs.

Let a medical spa relax you and give you long-lasting health benefits. Browse our website to learn more.

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