Feed Truck Scales for Efficient and Accurate Feed Management


Feed truck scales are a crucial part in ensuring that feed is weighed properly. These scales can help you avoid feed waste and can also help you better regulate feed for your livestock, ensuring they are getting the right amount of nutrition, without being over or under fed. They serve as an important part to any feeding system helping to ensure proper performance of the livestock.

The Importance of Using Feed Truck Scales
Since you serve as the main food provider to your livestock, it is important that you are giving them a proper and balanced diet that they are not able to maintain on their own. This helps to ensure their health and top performance.

For example, a feed truck scale in a dairy farm can work with a feed management system to give you accurate weighing of feed for assistance in formulating and mixing an appropriate ration for the herd, preventing reduced performance and providing adequate nutrition. This proper diet will help dairy cows thrive and helps you maintain consistent production.

Scales can eliminate the hassle of guesswork and allow you to accurately weigh and mix rations for livestock. This can also help you keep track of mixes and rations that work and that don’t work by giving you a solid weight that you can reduce or increase based on your observations.

Types of Scales for Feed Trucks
Some feed trucks already come with a scale mounted to it for your convenience. But if you currently have a feed truck that isn’t equipped with a scale, you can purchase scales that are able to be retro-fitted to your feed truck. With new technology today, scales can be outfitted to connect to WIFI while working with your tablet or smartphone that can help you always know where the weight of your feed stands. Many scales are electronic with digital displays for a clear read.

Finding a Scale Expert
When searching for feed truck scales, it is important to find a company that can customize, install, and service the scale as needed. It would also be helpful to buy from a company that offers a wide range of replacement parts to ensure that your downtime is reduced. Rather than using multiple companies to purchase, install, and service your scale, find a comprehensive provider to meet your needs.

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