Features of the Newest Can-Am ATV in Lumberton


Can-Am has a long history of manufacturing versatile all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that can be used for work, for pleasure, or both. Series, such as the DS series, Renegade models, and four different Outlander versions, provide over fifty choices of ATV to customers. They vary in power, towing capacity, pricing, engine sizes, and weight limits. The newest series of Can-Am ATV in Lumberton is called the Defender, and it has some of the most advanced features available to date.

This series includes, for example, a heavy duty ATV with a towing capacity of two-thousand pounds. It is also one of the easiest, and most fun, models to utilize and maneuver. It is equipped with a quick response system transmission that saves on time, wear and tear on the engine, and money on gasoline. A tight turning radius means it can handle smaller areas, spaces with many obstacles, as well as winding paths and challenging trails. A Defender XT HD10 has a full hard roof, and includes dynamic power steering.

The Defender Max series takes the Can-Am ATV in Lumberton to new heights with eight different models to suit any need and preference. The Defender Max DPS HD 8, for example, features lightweight wheels and tires, room for six people, and adjustable storage capacity. An extended tailgate is also available. Finding the complete line of the Defender and Defender Max, as well as most models of Can-Am ATVs and utility vehicles, is easier at larger dealers.

A large dealership will have the biggest selection at the best pricing. Volume business allows the dealership to offer great deals on ATVs, tractors, utility vehicles, excavators, and other vehicles for work and recreation. An experienced dealership will have knowledgeable staff available to help people choose the right model of vehicle to suit their needs, desires, and budgets. Look online at what a few dealerships in the area have to offer to decide which one to visit. Websites can let people know what inventory is available, what special deals are currently being offered, and what rebates are in effect. People can start at website for a wide selection of manufacturers.

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