Fathers Need a Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo Wa


In the movies, most divorce narratives portray women as victims, while men are shown as seething with anger and resentment over financial problems and personal issues. Men don’t always have the support or the tools to deal with these concerns. While time can heal most wounds, good advice is also wonderful. The more a man knows about an impending divorce, the better off he will be.

Know the Numbers

The average divorce costs about $20,000, including experts, realtors and a Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo WA, relocation expenses, financial counseling and emotional therapy for fathers and children. However, divorce costs can vary widely. For instance, they can increase greatly in cases requiring specialized help from forensic accountants and counselors. The more money is spent on the divorce, the less there is to spend where it really matters-;on the children.

Willingly Pay Alimony

Alimony, also called spousal support, is monetary assistance given to the spouse who was financially supported during the marriage, especially in cases where a parent left the working world to focus on childrearing. Spouses typically pay alimony in a lump sum or monthly payments, or in other ways. Some men may feel that their ex-wife doesn’t deserve the support, but paying can present tax advantages, as support payments are deductible.

Collect Spousal Support if Necessary

If a woman makes more than her husband, or if the father is an at-home parent, he can be eligible to receive spousal support. The typical Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo Wa is seeing increased numbers of mothers paying support for both husbands and children. Some men feel insecure in receiving alimony, but they are entitled if they have quit work to focus on family.

Create a Reasonable Budget

Men typically think of the money they pay upfront for expenses related to a divorce, but there should be a post-process budget in place as well. For instance, if parents share custody, fathers must buy toys and clothes to keep at his home for the children. By accounting for daily expenses as well as fixed costs like spousal and child support payments, men can become better equipped to deal with life after divorce.

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