Facts About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery in Honolulu

Facts About Cataracts and Cataract Surgery in Honolulu

Cataracts can happen over time as a person ages. While it is not life-threatening, it can affect the quality of life that one experiences. Luckily, surgery is very successful in helping to cure the disease. Here are some facts about cataracts and Cataract Surgery in Honolulu to read before considering the procedure.


A cataract is essentially when the lens in the eyeball starts to experience clouding. This clouding can affect the vision and usually happens due to aging. The disease is extremely common in senior citizens, and it is estimated that by the age of 80, a little over half of the senior population are either experiencing cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery. While cataracts can form in either eye or even both, they are not infectious and therefore cannot spread from eye to eye or other people.


The lens is the clear part of the front of the eye that helps to direct and focus light onto the retina. In a normal and healthy eye, light is passed through the clear retina where it is then transformed by the nerve endings in the retina into pictures the brain can recognize. However, the lens must be clear for this to work properly. When the lens is clouded by a cataract, the image will appear as very blurry, even indistinguishable in the worst instances.


While the early stages of cataracts can be treated with glasses or better lighting in the home, these are not viable solutions when the cataracts are advanced. At this time, the only effective option is Cataract Surgery in Honolulu. This form of surgery is one of the most effective in the world and boasts a more than 90% success rate, with patients stating they have significantly better vision than before the surgery took place.

If one is considering cataract surgery, they should contact a reputable clinic such as Hawaii Vision Clinic. These experts can guide the patient through the decision-making process and alleviate any worries they may have. There is no reason not to get the surgery and every reason to undergo it to regain the sight that has been clouded by time.

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