Excavator Bucket: Five Basic Types And Their Applications


Excavation is often all about digging. To accomplish, this whether you have a standard or mini excavator, you need a bucket attachment. However, as the old saying goes, not all buckets are the same – nor do they serve the same purpose. One type of excavator bucket is not always capable of fulfilling the demands of every task on a work site. In fact, operators can choose from any of the following six kinds of buckets.

Basic Types of Excavator Buckets

When it comes to selecting an excavator bucket, it is important to remember the characteristics of the ground under excavation. Is it clay? Is it rock? Consider the nature of the soil when choosing one of the following excavator buckets.

1. Digging: The most common of all, this all-purpose tool comes with every excavator or mini excavator. They vary in size, shape, and style of teeth. Depending on the nature of the teeth, they can cut through almost any type of soil including frost-covered and rock.

2. Cleanup: As the name indicates, this excavator bucket is for cleaning up sites. It’s best for soft materials during leveling, backfilling and sloping.

3. Hardpan: This tough excavator bucket has ripper teeth at the back of the regular bucket. These allow it to loosen hard-packed soil during the digging process.

4. Rock: The durable design of these buckets allows them to break through even hard rock.

5. Skeleton: A modification of the regular bucket, with its gapped teeth arrangement, it allows for the sifting of coarse from fine soil particles.

Choosing an Excavator Bucket

Excavators are popular pieces of equipment for various digging and removal projects. They are versatile and reliable. They come with a regular digging bucket, but companies offer a wide variety of attachments, including various types of buckets. Keep the specific qualities and applications of each kind of excavator bucket in mind when looking to purchase one for your next project.

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