Estate Litigation Lawyers: Why They Help So Much


Many people ask the question, “Why are Estate Litigation Lawyers needed?” The answer can be individual to each person, but the bottom line is that estates can be extremely complicated. In any situation where there is more than one beneficiary, problems often arise when trying to settle an estate. The estate may need to be administered. There are often still bills to pay, and the assets must be divided in the way that was outlined in the trust or will.

Disputes among the beneficiaries often become quite heated. Often, there may be people who question the validity of the trust or will. Even if the trust or will is thought to be genuine, sometimes beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries will try to claim that the trust or will was signed under duress, that the deceased person was not of sound mind when signing the will or trust, or that the document is irregular in some other way.

It is fairly rare for an estate distribution to go completely smoothly, and it is even more rare for it to happen very quickly unless the beneficiaries have some legal help. Even if only one person who is named in the trust or will hires an attorney, they will then be able to guarantee themselves a much easier process during estate division. In many cases, disputes about estate division become clear pretty early on. As soon as one of the beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries starts to say that they think the will or trust is unfair, improper, or irregular in any way, it’s time to get legal help.

While it will cost money to hire an estate litigation attorney, this cost is often more than worth it to people who would otherwise spend years of misery tied up in legal fights with their relatives or other beneficiaries. A lawyer has no emotional investment in the case and can make sure that everything is done fairly and legally for their client. Anyone who thinks that they may need help from local Estate Litigation Lawyers might want to consider talking to Mark Aberasturi. This law firm handles estates, wills, and trusts for people all over the state. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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