Essential Elements In Choosing A New AR 15 Gas Block


The gas block is a very simple component of the AR 15. A necessary part, it plays a role in diverting some of the gas that is a product of the firing of the weapon. This trapped or diverted gas moves through the AR 15 gas block and through the gas tube.

Then, that gas is propelled through the gas key and into the area of the bolt, adding to the pressure to push it back. With the added energy from the gas, the bolt hits the back and reverse to a forward movement, stripping the next round from the magazine and pushing it into the chamber. This entire process happens in fractions of a second.

Options to Consider

While the AR 15 gas block may not be much in the form of a complex part, the role it plays does have an impact on the performance of the gun. Choosing a new gas block that offers a combination of flip up sight and gas block is always a popular option.

There are other types of gas blocks as well. For a more military style and appearance, many gun owners choose the Picatinny railed gas block. This will match the Armalite 308 receiver for a corresponding design with both components.

Adjustable options in the AR 15 gas block allow for the gun owner to set the adjustment on the component to allow for precise amounts of gas moved through the block and down the gas tube. This can be used to refine the rifle cycling, however, for safety reasons these blocks can never to completely closed for 100% gas shutoff through the system.

Choosing the right type and style of gas block offers a gun owner the option to improve the firing action of their weapon as well as to create a unique look. It is important to choose a quality manufacturer as these are essential components of the firing system.

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