Ensure Your Home is Always Cool With AC Repair in San Marcos

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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One of the most common reasons to install an air conditioner is to control the heat in your home or business, but they are also very useful in any modern, highly insulated building as well. This is because these buildings have very limited airflow and require constant circulation of the indoor air. If the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system isn’t enough to reduce the stale indoor air you may want to consider the addition of a ventilator for the introduction of fresh, outside air, a humidifier to increase indoor humidity or an ionizer system. Each of these options will provide different changes to your indoor air quality and will depend on your personal preferences.


Attempting to use the air conditioner as the primary means of refreshing the household air can place extra stress on the appliance. For instance, keeping the system functioning by setting the fan to run continuously can cause the blower to fail prematurely. Forcing the unit to operate on colder settings in an attempt to keep the AC on as long as possible will also cause the appliance to break down. When an air conditioner fails you can either replace the unit or invest in AC Repair in San Marcos.


AC repair can range from a refrigerant charge to replacing the external condenser unit. One of the most common air conditioner failures actually involves the thermostat. Early model thermostats and those supplied with lower quality appliances use mechanical switches to signal the system to turn on and off. After a while these contacts will degrade and fail to send the signal. This makes it appear that the AC is no longer functioning.


The air conditioner has other switching systems that can cause problems. For instance, the AC condenser will turn on and off as required to pump the refrigerant through the appliance. The condenser actually compresses the refrigerant which causes a state change in the chemical. This state change prepares the refrigerant to collect heat as it flows through the appliance. The continual switching can cause certain electronic components to fail. The good news is these electronics are usually on circuit boards that are easy to replace. If your air conditioner is acting up and you think it is time for AC Repair in San Marcos then you should visit this Facebook Page for more information.

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