Employee ID Badges – Considerations and Options


Hopefully, today’s workplaces – from the smallest organization to a global enterprise — are environments that protect employees, clients, contractors, and visitors and control access to physical resources like facilities, parking structures, computers, equipment, and other assets.

What Do Employee ID Badges Offer?
For the best security, you need to determine who should have access to your building(s). To do so requires a secure and well-established employee ID program. In addition to creating a secure environment, Employee ID Badges also:
* Limit access to networks, databases and other IT systems
* Track assets, inventory, and time and attendance
* Enhance the efficiency of your business transactions
* Streamline processes and protocols
* Strengthen employee relationships and your brand

Many Choices
Printing ID badges on-site allows you to issue cards to new hires and visitors immediately. And, today, technological options make it easy to encode employee ID badges with multi-factor authentication data. When it comes to choosing the best ID badge system for your company, however, there are so many options it can be overwhelming.

What Should You Consider About ID Badges?
Employee ID card design is important. First, a professional ID design speaks volumes about your company’s image. Second, a card design that isn’t easily replicated is more secure. When designing your IDs, consider:
What data? The design will revolve around a list of essential data specifications.
Which orientation? Using horizontal or vertical? Your logo, photos, bar code, and other contents will influence the format.
How worn? The location, shape and size of the card slot will interrupt the design layout.
What kind of photos? Use larger photos printed in the highest color quality to make verification easier.
How secure? If you’re encoding cards with security features, know where those features are on the card so the ID card design can accommodate it.

When designing the card, balance the desire for a unique design with the ability to easily read the information on the badge. Consider working with a graphic designer or in-house staff to create an ID badge that is both difficult to replicate and positively iconic of your organization. In this way you will create the perfect badge for your organization.

All ID Systems can provide the perfect employee ID badges for your company. Go to www.allidsystems.com to find out more.

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