Eloquent E-juice Will Make Smoking a Thing of the Past


Everyone knows by now that in order to enjoy a love of nicotine and smoking while lowering the added risk of cancer and other life-threatening conditions, an e-cigarette is the smartest buy a person can make. Many e-cigarette makers boast that their products taste exactly the same as the cigarettes you love, and they use this as a selling point as if the average smoker likes the traditional taste of cigarettes. The right e-juice producers understand that one of the best qualities of an e-cigarette is its adaptability when it comes to flavor range and ease of use.

The flavors available for smoking should never stop at “light” or “menthol,” and Eloquent E-juice has dedicated time and expertise in order to maximize the range of flavors available. With delicious tropical choices such as pineapple, orange, guava, and even the creamy flavor of Neapolitan ice cream, how can anyone go back to the boring normality of menthol?

How Does an E-cig Work?

An e-cigarette is a device powered by batteries that converts liquid nicotine into a vapor that is then inhaled. Ash, unsightly smells, and potentially dangerous fires are completely removed with this revolutionary device. In addition, all of the harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes are infamous for are removed entirely. This means that carbon monoxide poisoning and tar buildup in the lungs are a thing of the past. Even “smoker’s cough” is reduced over time as your lungs are given a reprieve from the harsh smoke tobacco gives off when burned. Your lungs are built to handle water vapor in the air when you breathe, and this in turn makes smoking water vapor e-cigarettes a breeze. Finally, e-cigarettes are allowed almost everywhere, as the “smoke” is harmless and disappears quickly after exhalation.

Drop Those Deadly Cigarettes and Pick up this Delicious Alternative

With brands like Eloquent E-juice available to whet the appetite of the avid smoker, cigarettes are believed to be on the verge of being made obsolete within the next ten years. Gone are the days when you must suffer through the foul taste of a cigarette, cigarillo, or cigar in order to satisfy the need for nicotine. Gone are the days when your life must be placed on the line in order to reduce the stress that comes with waiting too long for your next draw of smoke. In their place sits an ever-growing variety of delicious, safe flavors that can be enjoyed at any time or place without affecting your health, surrounding friends and loved ones, or the environment. Make secondhand smoke a thing of the past, drop your cigarette into the trash, and pick up this amazingly easy alternative to modern smoking right now!

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