Eliminating Mice And Services Offered By Pest Control Companies Wellington Florida

Eliminating Mice And Services Offered By Pest Control Companies Wellington Florida

If mice have been spotted scurrying across the flooring that is adjacent to a kitchen stove, the following tips will assist with trapping the mice and eliminating them from a household in a humane manner. Afterward, preparations can be made to deter mice from entering a home in the future or Pest Control Companies Wellington Florida can be contacted for assistance.


* rodent trap that contains a one-way door
* newspaper
* crackers
* cheese spread
* peanut butter
* knife
* caulk
* caulk gun
* broom
* mop
* bucket
* bleach
* detergent
* water
* herbal oil
* cotton balls

Trapping And Releasing Mice And Sealing Holes In Walls

A rodent trap that contains a one-way door can be placed on top of a flat surface that is covered with newspaper pages. Crackers that have cheese spread or peanut butter on them can be placed inside the center of a trap. While waiting for mice to enter a trap, interior walls of a home need to be inspected, including areas that contain plumbing that leads outdoors. If there are any gaps in walls or around plumbing, doors and windows, an even layer of caulk can be used to fill them. Caulk can be smoothed out with one side of a putty knife. After caulk has hardened, mice will not be able to gain entry. Mice that enter a trap can be released outdoors. Click here for more details.

Cleaning Surfaces And Adding Herbal Oil

After sweeping a kitchen floor, mopping the surface with soapy water that has been mixed with chlorine bleach will eliminate germs and freshen the scent in the kitchen. Nonporous surfaces should be wiped off with the same cleaning solution. Afterward, a towel can be used to dry treated surfaces. A pleasant-scented herbal oil can be poured onto several cotton balls. Cotton balls can be placed inside of closets, cabinets and drawers. Mice are not fond of strong scents and will steer clear of areas where oil has been added. Keeping a kitchen clean and adding herbal oil as needed will prevent additional mice infestations.

Above & Beyond Pest Control and other Pest Control Companies Wellington Florida will assist homeowners with eliminating pests and rodents. Mice, rats, spiders, bees, termites and bedbugs are some pests that are commonly treated by Pest Control Companies Wellington Florida.

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