Eliminate Your Pest Problems Using Only Quality Exterminators

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Pest Control

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Eliminating pests around your home or property can be a tough job. This is partially because many of the pest control products that you buy aren’t as potent as those used by modern exterminators. Plus, today’s Quality Exterminators have the experience and skill to know how to deal with different types of pest problems. For instance, dealing with outside insects and animals is different than dealing with those that tend to live inside your home.


Most indoor pests problems are eliminated by spraying a pesticide in places where the pests can hide or setting traps for where they visit or pass through. Outdoor pests are usually treated by using a pesticide where they live or controlling them with a bait that can be carried inside the hive or mound.


Along with insect problems there are animal pests that can be a real nuisance. The most common household pest in this category is the rodent. The majority of these are mice although it is possible to have rats as well. Rats tend to live in larger buildings or other spaces where there is more room to grow and more spaces to hide.


Mice prefer homes and apartments because the hiding spaces are smaller and they can easily breed large families inside the walls. The usual treatment of a few mousetraps doesn’t usually work well because there are always more mice waiting in the walls. Problems like these typically require baits and other means to kill the nest.


One of the more bothersome pests that is quickly becoming a nuisance once again is the bed bug. This is a reddish brown insect about the size of a large apple seed that lives in and around your furniture, most commonly the bedding. This insect comes out at night to feed on blood, but is otherwise difficult to see unless the infestation gets fairly large.


Bed bugs have been known to nest in night stands and headboards as well as mattresses. They are often transported in the cuffs of clothing or in your luggage and require a determined exterminator to remove them. If your are dealing with pests in the home or yard it is time to eliminate the problem. The solution is to contact your favorite Quality Exterminators such as those at Bates Exterminating and let them resolve the situation.

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