Easy-to-Use Pool Chemicals in Houston

Easy-to-Use Pool Chemicals in Houston

Many backyard pool owners don’t realize how simple it is to maintain Pool Chemicals in Houston at safe and healthy levels, leading them to spend sometimes exorbitant amounts of money on weekly professional maintenance services. These payments can add up to very significant amounts over time. Read on to find out how simple it can be to maintain appropriate levels using an easy, once-a-week program and how to save money on pool maintenance.

Step One: Sanitize

Start with a long-lasting chlorine sanitizer that is designed to be slow-dissolving to prevent it from dissolving unless the pump is on. This will help to control dangerous algae growth and allow for simple skimmer chlorine application. BioGuard’s Smart SilkGuard Sticks are the preferred method of application, as they are easy to apply and require no special feeder.

Step Two: Shock the Pool

Shocking the pool with a product such as BioGuard Smart Shock kills bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. This product is also able to help clarify the pool’s water through the use of a specialize filter enhancer and balance its pH to prevent the development of unattractive cloudy residues. Plus, BioGuard’s shock product doesn’t need to be pre-dissolved, making the application of this product even simpler.

Step Three: Prevent Algae Growth

The use of BioGuard BackUp 2 will prevent algae growth throughout the week, making it easier to clean the pool and ensuring that all swimmers are being provided with a healthy pool environment. This product is specially formulated to be most effective as temperatures increase, which is perfect since higher temperatures are known to encourage algae growth. It is also non-staining and will not evaporate, which means it will remain effective throughout the entire week.

Get Help Today

Home maintenance of in-ground and above-ground pools doesn’t have to be hard. Backyard pool owners can find out more about these and other Pool Chemicals in Houston and how they work before developing their own at-home pool care and maintenance routines. Find more information online or head to the store to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate today to get started saving money on weekly maintenance visits this upcoming swimming season.

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