Easily Install A Formica Countertop in San Fernando Valley, CA

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Formica is one of the most popular materials to use to construct a Countertop San Fernando Valley CA. It is a durable plastic covering for counters and walls that comes in many styles. However, it can melt if extremely hot items are placed on it. A customer should start evaluating Formica by asking a countertop company for several samples to bring home. Formica comes in many colors and can have a matte or glossy finish. Matte finishes don’t show scratches and other types of damage. Glossy finishes are more fragile. A homeowner can take a kitchen knife and simulate cutting on the chip to determine how a particular finish will hold up.

Many homeowners decide to install Formica themselves. They can either use a saw and cut out the Formica countertop themselves or they can send the measurements to a company that sells Formica. The company will pre-cut the Formica to the exact specifications. Then the homeowner just has to install the Countertop San Fernando Valley CA.

It’s important to prepare and clean the surface so that the Formica Countertop San Fernando Valley CA adheres to the surface. If it has been varnished or painted, then the homeowner has to sand it thoroughly to remove these materials. Contact cement needs to be applied to both the counter and the Formica. If the surface has an edge, the edge piece should be covered first and then the top. Once the cement is applied to both pieces, the homeowner has to wait until the cement is tacky. The Formica edge can then put in place.

The process is the same for the Formica on top of the surface. However, dowels should be used to allow the homeowner to position the Formica properly. The dowels should be set about every 12 inches. After the homeowner confirms that the Formica is in the proper location, the dowels are removed. If Formica is being use on the front of a kitchen island or other vertical surface, then the homeowner will have to position it by hand.

Harter Surfaces is a company that sells many types of Formica. They will help the homeowner find the right Formica for their kitchen. Browse website for more information.


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