E-liquid Creates Waves


An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette is a battery operated device that simulates the feel of smoking a real cigarette.

There are many varieties of e-cigarettes and E-liquid, with the e-cigarettes ranging in size and appearance depending on the company producing it. Each company has their own aesthetic preferences to their products. Many companies seem to prefer mimicking the appearance of an actual cigarette: a longer cylindrical tube of white or off white, sometimes tan accompanied by a shorter cylindrical tube at the base which contains the battery and atomizer and ultimately results in the appearance of a filtered cigarette.

Other companies produce what’s referred to as a “pen” style. These resemble the mouth piece of a hookah hose. They are typically larger than the cigarette clones and hold a larger battery which lasts longer (battery life is one of the biggest gripes vape-enthusiasts express). These too have many varieties of flavors like the cigarette clone products.

The flavored liquids can taste like anything. The majority of companies have their staple tobacco flavor and then branch off into more adventurous flavors such as blueberry, pina colada and even marijuana on a much, much smaller scale.

E-cigarettes can be purchased at most tobacco stores and gas stations these days. There are also stores that sell exclusively e-cigarettes and actually use them as a platform for tobacco cessation. One such company is The Vaporium in the ever-welcoming communities of Seattle and Tacoma Washington.

While there are still many concerns as to the health costs of e-cigarettes as a substitute to smoking, data is still being crunched and turned over as to the actual benefits. E-cigarettes are a new product and many smokers are turning to them as a valid replacement regardless. Within the next year it is expected to be revealed through government funded lab tests just what these costs, if any, are. And many smokers are hoping to find a valid, healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

With quite a few smokers making the transition to the e-cigarette and the product being readily accessible it wouldn’t be surprising if they give the tobacco industry a real run for their money.

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