Do You Need a Roofer in Johnston?

Do You Need a Roofer in Johnston?

Do you suspect that your roof needs replacement? You may need to contact a roofer in Johnston if you are experiencing any of the following difficulties. A Johnston roofer can further assess your roof’s condition and make the appropriate recommendations.

Attic Leaks

You may need a roofer if you are experiencing leaks in your attic. Always check this area for leaks after a storm. Also, ice damming can lead to the entry of water in your home. If your roof is over 20 years old, make sure you inspect it regularly to prevent even further damage.

The Blistering or Peeling of Paint

Blistering or peeling of the exterior or interior paint may also be a sign that there is excess moisture in your home and that the roof needs to be replaced. Any excess in humidity or temperature can also be caused by poor ventilation. Therefore, make sure your ventilation is working properly so these kinds of incidents do not happen.

A Deteriorating Shingle Underlayment

If you note stains on your interior walls or ceiling or notice mildew or mold growth, you may also need to contact a roofer about the problem. These issues are often caused by a deteriorating shingle underlayment. Again, poor ventilation can be the cause of mildew or mold growth within the ceiling or walls.

Exterior Decay

If you have insufficient attic ventilation, you may see exterior decay. Any additional moisture can lead to decay. Once you add a vapor barrier between the insulation and interior of your home, you can prevent this type of problem.

Brittle and Dry Shingles

If you notice that your shingles are dry and brittle, that is a real indication that your roof needs to be replaced. Contact a roofer right away if you are noticing this type of issue.

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