Discovering The Lowly Mat Cutter: Definition And Types


If you plan to mat and frame a picture, you will require specific tools. While many know about frame kits, they often forget about the lowly mat cutter. This piece of equipment, made specifically to perform an essential function in the picture framing and hanging process, is often neglected. Yet, you can find various types available on the market for affordable prices, including the Logan Mat Cutter.

What Is a Mat Cutter?

If you are a serious artist, you know what a mat cutter is, and understand its functions. This is a tool designed specifically to cut mats (large pieces of cardboard mat or matting) to shape for a picture frame. Using a beveled or straight blade, it may cut into the mat to create a shape or window for the work. It can also cut the mat to fit at the back of the picture.

A mat cutter is capable of cutting the cardboard mat correctly to allow you to mount the picture accordingly to your specifics. If you own a mat cutter, you can reduce the cost of overall framing substantially. Mat cutters come in different sizes. They are also categorized according to the different techniques required to apply them.

Types of Mat Cutters

Mat cutters need to cut the mat paper in order for it to fit the picture correctly. This is the role played by such models as the Logan Mat Cutter. Artists can use one of two basic types of cutters. These are:

1. Hand Held Mat Cutters: This is the most basic of types. It is, as the name indicates, a hand held version. You place it correctly in your hand and run it through the matting to create the proper shape of matting for your work. This type is preferable, and affordable, for those who do not cut many mats on a regular basis

2. Tabletop Models: These usually larger types of mat cutters are often preferred for several reasons. They include other tools such as guides. This makes the task easier to perform. It also allows you to do several mats more efficiently and swiftly.

In addition to the above types of mat cutters, you can purchase devices that are on the high end of the scale. They are automatic or electronic mat cutters. These the tools are the ones professionals employ in places where mat cutting is high volume work.

The Logan Mat Cutter

A mat cutter plays a significant role in the picture mounting process. It allows you to create a custom look for your artwork. Some may even mount a picture without adding a frame. Whether you actually frame the picture or not, having a mat cutter helps to provide the right backdrop to a work of art. In making your decision to purchase a mat cutter, do consider your options. It might be that a Logan Mat Cutter may be the perfect tool for your current and even future needs.

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