Discover What’s Hidden by Way of Chimney Crown Installation Contractor in Stevensville MD


It is the consensus of many, that having a fireplace in the home is a luxury item. Chilly nights with the ambiance from a crackling fire that takes the edge off the frigid temperatures of winter. Intimate conversations and memories of romantic interludes are synonymous with lounging around a crackling fire. The history of fireplaces predates central air and heat and was not only a luxury item, but also a necessity to staying warm, and for staying alive for that matter. The deluge of memories around the fireplace are superseded by their interesting history and stories of what has been found contained within the walls of the chimney through decades of maintenance, renovations and generations past.

So what are the finds in chimneys through the years from their care? It has been noted that large sums of money from the aftermath of enacted crimes have been located in this seemingly discreet hiding place. In 2008, in the United Kingdom, an equivalent of 1.5 millions dollars was confiscated in Bradford, during the Christmas holidays in a home chimney. On the morbid side, even the robbers themselves have been located in chimneys when they sneaked in with the intent to rob a home, and inadvertently became lodged there and died. Old shoes and even dead animals such as birds, squirrels and cats have also been discovered. A perfectly preserved letter to Santa was discovered in Ireland exceeding 100 years of age, still in perfect condition.

It might be a good idea to employ the assistance of a chimney crown installation contractor in Stevensville MD to discover what’s lurking in your chimney. While he’s there, he will provide the maintenance and care needed to keep it functioning, and in top-top shape in your residence. Contact Complete Chimneys LLC for an appointment.

So if there’s an aroma permeating your home from the fireplace that doesn’t smell of fresh firewood, it might be a reminder to do the required maintenance in your chimney. Of course fireplace and chimney maintenance doesn’t have to result in finding a carcass there. Contacting Chimney Crown Installation Contractor in Stevensville MD could even result in an unanticipated monetary gain.

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