Discover the Perfect Air Treatment System With Help From Air Conditioning Experts in Manassas VA


One of the benefits of modern construction is the ability to insulate the interior of the building, so it holds heat or cold very well. Unfortunately, a heavily insulated building can also trap dust and allergens in the space which will eventually make the air unsuitable for breathing. To make the environment more usable, Air conditioning Experts in Manassas VA can install appliances that improve the quality of indoor air. The most common of these are the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, but there are alternatives such as the split air conditioner or heat pumps.

HVAC works by being centrally located inside the building with one or more components placed outside for the release of the acquired heat. The external components are used to compress a refrigerant for the collection of heat and release that heat through a large coil. This cycle of compression, collection and release of heat is repeated until the interior space reaches the desired temperature. By using a centrally located HVAC system, it is possible to move the treated air to all available areas with the least amount of temperature loss. Because of the built-in filtration and the huge volume of air being moved, it is possible to accumulate more dust and dirt inside the unit than may be good for it. This is one of the reasons that Air conditioning Experts in Manassas VA recommend annual cleaning for any forced air system.

One alternative to the HVAC is the split or ductless AC. Split systems also use an external condenser to compress a refrigerant, but that refrigerant is cycled between various cooling units, usually up to eight per condenser. The primary benefit to the split AC is the ability to control the temperature for each specific area or zone in the building. For instance, it is possible to raise the settings for individual zones at night and still keep the bedroom area nice and cool. Of course, this may mean more maintenance as each unit will need to be cleaned. With air treatment options like these, there is no reason that anyone should suffer through the summer heat.

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