Dirty Laundry and Water Softeners in Gainesville, FL

by | Sep 3, 2014 | business services

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Do your clothes still look dingy after multiple washings? Your whites no longer look white, but more of a cream colored muck. Do you have stains that never come out no matter how many pre-treaters and soaps are used? Hard water could be the culprit. It can wreak havoc on your clothes, but Water Softeners in Gainesville FL, could be the solution to your laundry problems.


Detergents work by breaking the surface tension and allowing water to penetrate the fabric and help free more dirt. They also have ingredients that help dirt remain suspended in the water and prevent the dirt from depositing back into the clothing. This allows the dirt to be washed away in the rinse cycle. Soap and detergents simply do not perform as well in hard water. This can lead to perpetually dingy looking clothes. The clothes may even smell sour after being freshly laundered. In addition, the fabrics can feel hard to the touch. One method to deal with hard water is adding more detergent than recommended. This is a less than ideal solution. It can be very expensive and also add to water pollution because of the excess detergent that is then washed away.


Another solution to laundering with hard water is to add a water conditioner directly to the water in the washing machine. This is in addition to the excessive amount of laundry detergent. In order for this method to be effective, the clothes must soak for 12 hours. Once again, you are faced with an expensive and less than ideal solution.


EcoWater Systems water softeners collect hard materials in a conditioning tank and flushes them away. They remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and other sediments. Hard water can cause more than just dirty laundry. Deposits can clog pipes and also cause soap build up in the washer itself. They create lime scale deposits and reduce efficiency of water heaters. The lifespan of the water heater and washer can be drastically reduced. A water softener prevents these negative results.


Your clothes say a lot about you. They project your personal image. To keep your clothes looking their best, reduce your time spent on laundry and your cost, consider purchasing Water Softeners in Gainesville FL.

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