Different Types of Pool Chemicals in Houston You Need

Different Types of Pool Chemicals in Houston You Need

If you own a swimming pool, it is essential that you ensure the water stays clean and free from any type of invading contaminant. There are a number of different types of pool chemicals available to assist with this. Understanding what is available in regard to Pool Chemicals in Houston will help you see what you need to keep your pool healthy and clean.

Pool Sanitizers

Bromine and chlorine are two of the most popular types of pool sanitizers. They work to help and stop the growth of bacteria and algae. You can purchase chlorine in the form of tablets; however, liquid chlorine is the most commonly used option. Bromine can help to produce much better results in warmer water and will be less irritating to your eyes, hair and skin.


This is used in conjunction with bromine and chlorine in order to keep the water clear and algae away. The pH balancers that are available will help to either decrease or increase your pool’s pH level. You can have your water tested regularly, and the balance that you want to see is between 7.2 and 7.6. If you have a pH, that is outside of this range then it can be extremely comfortable for your skin and eyes and may cause the equipment in your pool to begin to corrode.


This is another one of the many different types of pool chemicals. There are some types of algae that can grow even when chlorine is present. Algaecide is able to help and eradicate this issue. There are a number of these algaecides that are available and that will allow you to swim right after you have used them, not impacting the pH level in any way.

When you know about the different types of chemicals that are available, you will be able to ensure your pool is healthy and properly balanced all year long. You can also contact Cryer Pools & Spas Inc for more information. Doing this will help ensure your pool lasts longer and is enjoyable year after year for you and your entire family.

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