Different Garage Types And Their Purpose

Different Garage Types And Their Purpose

Garages, regardless of the size, shape or style all serve a common purpose; a place to park your car out of the weather and a place to store garden tools, bikes and the likes. That is about there the similarities end. If you are about to undertake new garage construction in Chicago there are many options that you can factor into your design.

Although garages can be built out of different material including brick veneer, hollow block, wood and metal it is not the material that is meant when discussing the different types. The different types are single, double and to a lesser extent, tandem. The garage can be attached to the main house or it can be a standalone building somewhere on the grounds.

  • Single garage:

When discussing garage types it really refers to the number of cars that can be parked inside. A single car garage is the most basic of all, they are designed to accommodate one standard size car with sufficient room all around enter and leave the car from both sides and some space front and back. A single car garage is about 150 square feet in size.

  • Double garage:

A double garage is sized to accommodate two standard size cars, once again with enough room for the driver and passenger to enter or exit the vehicle. A double garage is normally about 300 square feet in size.

  • Tandem garage:

Many people will specify a tandem garage, not because they want to put two cars inside nose to tail but because they want room for their car plus a generous size workshop. Many people enjoy hobbies such as woodworking that take up a considerable amount of space and this type of garage construction in Chicago is ideal for the purpose.

Most garages are multi-purpose structures, housing the car or cars as well as lawn furniture, garden tools and toys. If you are considering the construction of a new garage you are well advised to talk to specialist contractors who focus on these buildings.

If you are planning new garage construction in Chicago you want to ensure that it suits the purpose and it is built to last many years. To discuss your thinking on your new garage you are invited to contact “The Garage Guys” at Absolute Garage Builders or visit www.absolutegaragebuilders.com.

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