Differences in Weddings Reception Venues


Not all Weddings Reception Venues are the same, so be sure to compare venues before booking the day for the reception. The differences in some venues can make or break the entire event. Deciding on pricing alone, is not a wise idea. Some venues are exquisite and expensive but do not offer full services. Not only is the setting stretching the budget, but if everything else has to be brought in or delivered, the cost of the event will become over budget quickly. Paying separately for a florist, a caterer, a planner, and a custom wedding cake, for example, will add up to a huge bill. The same problem can be an issue, if the venue is cheap, but offers no services. The money saved on the venue will be completely taken up by the other elements needed for the reception. It also makes planning more difficult, and several things can go wrong.

Look for weddings reception venues that are affordable, and offer full services. Amenities such as plenty of parking, on-site security, and spacious dressing rooms, are great for a wedding reception. A venue that has more than one option for the setting will allow a choice of decor, style, and features. A contemporary architectural design, for example, may suit some couples, but others may want something more elegant with a grand staircase and chandeliers. Highly trained serving staff and on-site catering are wonderful to have at any venue. It just makes things so such easier. The menu can be customized to suit any desire and budget, the food will be fresh and hot, and the cake can be made right on the premises.

Some venues, like the La Fontaine Reception Hall, offer planning services for events. That means a relative, the bride, or the maid of honor; do not have to organize everything, do not have to stress out as the day gets closer, and do not have to spend the big day running around making sure everything is perfect. A personal event manager works with the customer, coordinates all the vendors, oversees all the preparations, so decorations and centerpieces are correct, and makes sure every detail is perfect. There is no stress, no worry, and no one becomes overwhelmed. Each person in attendance can smile for the pictures, taste all the great food, and actually enjoy the entire event.

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