Detecting a Substance Abuse Problem

Detecting a Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse is a major concern, and it should not be ignored. It has the ability to get someone off track in life, destroy relationships, and trigger other health and mental problems. If someone is struggling with substance abuse, it is important that they talk with a trusted friend or family member and seek professional help. There are many options for substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis and following through with a recovery plan can change the course of one’s life. There is no one cause of substance abuse, but there are several signs and symptoms that can help to detect the addiction.

Causes of Substance Abuse

Many different factors and contributors can lead to substance abuse. These include peer pressure from a certain social group, mental illness, personal stress caused by many issues such as poor family structure and relationships, and a desire to have fun and experiment.

Substance Abuse Warning Signs

Before someone begins substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis, the problem must first be detected and acknowledged. Here are few tell-tale signs that indicate there is a substance abuse problem:

   * Heavy dependence on the drug or alcohol, and an increase in usage: As this happens, the user’s willpower and decisions are affected. They may find themselves unable to stop drug usage and may make risky choices they would not ordinarily make.

   * Negative associations: Those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often change their social behavior. They may spend more time with drug users and addicts, and less time with their usual circle of friends.

   * Decreased performance: It is common for addicts to begin to slack in regular activities such as school and work. This is connected to a decrease in motivation.

There is help available for substance abuse problems. If you are looking for substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis, get in touch with River Ridge. Visit them online at http://www.riverridgemn.com/.

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