Defining Your Employee Rights Through A Worker’s Compensation Attorney In Gulfport, MS


In Mississippi, all companies that employ workers are required by law to possess worker’s compensation insurance. This coverage is necessary for covering all liabilities associated with an employee-related injury. If you were injured on the job and didn’t receive benefits, you should contact a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Gulfport MS today.

Who is Classified as a Qualified Employee:
1. For Profit: All employees who work within a for-profit company in which their efforts generate revenues for the owner are classified as employees. This includes temporary workers, volunteers, and family members of the employer or workers within the company. The only exclusion for this rule is contracted workers who are not confined by a normal work schedule and work remotely.

2. County and State: All county or municipal employees who work within hazardous areas or job positions are covered under worker’s compensation. This covers firefighters, police, and emergency technicians. Early responders are classified under this category. Probation officers and officers of the court who are in imminent danger are also classified as workers for the local government. State workers and select volunteers are additionally covered.

3. Farm Workers: Any workers that were employed by a farm owner and received an income of at least $1,200 is classified as an employee and should be covered under the owner’s policy.

4. Non-profit: Volunteers who have chosen to work within a non-profit organization are classified as employees. In these instances, the volunteers do generate at least a small wage, which creates a worker and employer relationship.

5. Athletic Leagues: Although a contract may not be present, any athletes who are participating in business sponsored teams or leagues are covered under worker’s compensation policies as they are performing a service for the business in a location designated by the owner.

For victims of injuries that were sustained in the workplace, this could present a significant hindrance in their ability to support themselves financially. If they are not awarded benefits to cushion this loss, it is possible that they may face the loss of their home or other adverse conditions. If you were injured, you should consult a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Gulfport MS or you can look here for further information.

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