Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal: Pretty, Yet Functional

Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal: Pretty, Yet Functional

The products that emerge today are diverse in nature. The materials that produce them are varied. Yet, stainless steel continues to remain a major source. Manufacturers turn to fabricators to provide them with the metal components they require to provide the consumers with a finished product. In some cases, the demand may not be for a basic curved design or linear shape. Instead, the company may request a specific item needing what is referred to as decorative perforated sheet metal.

Fabricating Sheet Metal

Fabricating sheet metal is the norm for many shops. The metal, aluminum or steel being the most common, arrives in thin sheets. The fabrication shop utilizes this material to produce the desired item to the customer’s specifications. Diverse processes including welding and bending may be the preferred method. However, in the case of perforated sheet metal, a different technique is required. The fabricator utilizes a punch machine of some type to create a pattern of holes within the parameters established by the client. The result may be functional, decorative or both.

Perforated Sheet Metal

Perforated sheet metal can be put to use in several different applications. In many of these, the intent is purely functional. The holes are part of a screen, filter or shield. They perform a practical role in the automotive, mining, appliance or food and beverage industries.

Yet, there is another use for sheet metal. While it may have practical aspects, its major role is aesthetic. Decorative perforated sheet metal has holes like its functional counterpart. Yet, the intent is different. So, too, are the shape, placement and other characteristics of the punched holes. The specific style of die can produce a wide variety of shapes to improve the overall appearance of the finished product. This will make it more appealing to the consumers.

Application of Decorative Perforated Sheets

This form of perforated sheet metal is found in various architectural applications. It also has a market among appliances. Typical applications consist of the following:

* Ceilings
* Decorative baskets
* Diffusers
* Furniture
* Grilles
* Guards
* Screens and vents
* Walls

While aesthetically pleasing, these creative applications of punched metal are also functional. They are corrosion resistant, light and durable. It will depend upon the metal selected and its grade.

Decorative Perforated Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is the basic material for fabrication. Its ready availability and specific characteristics make it admirably suitable for a variety of processes. One way fabricating shops have of producing the desired components or products for customers is through perforation. The results, including customized designs, can be functional or decorative perforated sheet metal.

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