Decorating Your Home: 4 Must-Have Types of Molding in Honolulu

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Wallpaper and Coverings

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If you own a house in Honolulu, molding is an inexpensive architectural element that can add a lot of visual interest to your home. It’s timeless, chic and easy to incorporate into any interior design style. From crown molding to baseboards, here are the most popular kinds of molding in Honolulu.


Crown Molding


Designed to provide an attractive transition between the wall and the ceiling, crown molding is an in-demand architectural feature for home-buyers all over the country. Also known as cornice molding, crown molding tends to be ornate and stylized because it’s a purely ornamental feature in the home. Some popular styles include Greek Revival, Early American and Federal.




Installed correctly, baseboards add a bit of visual interest to a room while providing a practical buffer against furniture that could otherwise scrape or ding the wall. Most baseboards feature simplistic styling and measure between 3 and 5 inches tall. For a traditional look, try natural baseboards made of walnut, cherry or oak. For more modern decor try painting your baseboards white, beige or tan.


Chair Rails


Placed about 3 feet from the floor, chair rails are a handy type of molding in Honolulu that protects the walls from furniture-related damage. However, they can be a big-impact design element as well. Try having chair rails installed to provide a visual break from a wall that features paint on the bottom and wall-paper on the top. The resulting look can look very high-end, even without additional decorations. Some popular types of chair rails include bead, spindle and pearl.


Picture Rails


If you love to hang lots of photos, a picture rail is perfect for you. This type of molding is placed about 8 feet from the floor and is used to showcase artwork or pictures without damaging the actual wall. Installed correctly, it can become a focal point for any room featuring wall art. For a classic look, hang artwork at the same level from the picture railing. For more eclectic decor, hang pictures at various heights for an eccentric effect.


The right molding can invigorate the rooms in your home. However, installing molding perfectly can be tricky for the average homeowner.

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