Customized Food Service Clamshells


The right food service clamshell manufacturer will have the custom solutions that you need to enhance your food product. Clamshells are a great solution for keeping food hot, keeping food cold, an easy delivery method and even absorbing grease from greasy foods. Clamshells are a great option for breakfast take out items, lunch take out items, sides and a wide range of other food items. When you are looking for an earth friendly solution, cardboard clamshell is a good option.

They Can take the Heat

When you choose the right food service clamshell manufacturer to purchase your clamshell take out boxes, you can rest assured that you are going to get a high-quality product that can withstand many different conditions, including sitting under heat lamps. Having the right tools can help to speed up your food production line and ensure there is always a fresh inventory waiting for your consumers.

They Are Tough

One of the best things about choosing the right manufacturer is knowing your clamshells are going to be able to withstand the weight of the food and provide an easy transport container for your customers. They can easily be stacked in take-out bags and protect food from spillage.

A Perfect Fit

These flexible boxes can be customized to fit different needs for example:

  • Small squares are ideal for breakfast sandwiches and side items
  • Large rectangles are great for hot hoagies
  • Small rectangles are great for sausages, hot dogs, and brats

The options are unlimited when it comes to this heavy duty corrugated boxes. All you need is a trusted manufacturer on your team to get the take-out clamshells that makes service so much easier for everyone. Present your foods the right way with reliable clamshells customized to your ideal size from LBP Manufacturing. The innovative leader in food service containers and more!

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