Customization of Grain Bins in Oregon


Even after a bountiful harvest of grain, there is still a lot of work left to be done. For grain to remain usable, it has to be protected from many things: birds, insects, the weather, and mold to name a few. Grain bins have been used for this reason as early as 700 B.C.E. in Greece.

However, the Grain Bins in Oregon today are a lot different then the Greek’s simply containers. For one, they are made of a much sturdier material, generally corrugated steel. Many times the bolts and other metal components are treated to resist rust. This galvanized metal is also more resistant to bug infestations and fire. One of the most important aspects of storing grain is the amount of moisture present. Dry grain must remain at a lower temperature, so it does not spoil. Many times if a grain is stored in large, poorly ventilated bins, condensation can form from the colder outside air interacting with the warmer air and grain inside. These grain bins help achieve these conditions.

Many features, such as size, vary so a farmer can determine what works best for his or her particular need. Grain Bins in Oregon can be bought stiffened or unstiffened. Stiffened bins are reinforced with “stiffeners” on the outside which allows the bin to be built taller while still remaining safe and durable. This is possible because the stiffeners channel the load weight of the grain off of the walls, and roof, and channel it down towards the base of the structure.

Some bins have ribbed roofs that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Other innovations include the size and access point of doors (either for people or vehicles), ventilation systems, safety features, and floors that are specifically designed for easy cleaning and maximum ventilation.

Stair types are also often customizable. Stairs may wrap around the entire structure to provide comfortable access to the top, there may be a separate system to access the roof and platforms can be added at various locations. Some grain bins can accommodate the addition of other elements such as conveyors, drying apparatuses, or unloading systems

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