Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia Can Protect Clients’ Interests


Most do not know what should be expected during police questioning and arrest, and they sometimes commit errors that can negatively affect their case even though they haven’t committed a crime. Criminal lawyers in Philadelphia want clients to be prepared so they can avoid these five mistakes commonly made by defendants.

Making Admissions to Authorities Without Legal Counsel

A person who has been arrested knows they’re in trouble, and they typically do what it takes to satisfy the police. Officers encourage suspects to talk to them about the event, and they make various assurances. Police are allowed to mislead suspects during interrogation, and anything one says can be used against them at trial. Despite a police officer’s reassuring tone, it’s typically a mistake to talk to law enforcement personnel without first consulting an attorney.

Providing Explanations Without an Attorney

Many suspects go into the criminal process believing that it’s all just a terrible mistake. They believe they can provide a satisfactory explanation, and that the police will realize their error. However, police officers make arrests based on reliable information. When a suspect provides an explanation, the information is often recorded incompletely, which makes it harder for the person to use the statement as a defense. Although there are rare exceptions, it’s typically best to stay quiet until legal assistance is found.

Cooperating with Police Before Hiring a Lawyer

If one is involved in illicit activities, the police might offer the option to cooperate. Suspects should not agree to such an arrangement without first consulting an attorney. A local criminal defense attorney with Legalphilly.com will protect the person’s rights during the interrogation process and they can tell a client if cooperation will help them achieve a favorable outcome.

Waiting Until Formally Charged to Hire an Attorney

If a person is arrested, they should hire an attorney as soon as possible. The earlier criminal lawyers in Philadelphia can start building a case, the greater the chance of a positive resolution. Clients should avoid working with attorneys who have opposing financial interests, and they should choose a legal advocate who has their interests in mind.

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