Creating A Beautiful Entrance With Mansion Doors


Your home is more than just the place where you live. It is often a place you have dreamed of for years and have finally been able to create or buy. When you are planning the home of your dreams, taking the extra step to design a beautiful front entrance starts with choosing the right mansion doors.

The entranceway or the grand entrance is really the welcoming part of the home. It is the first thing guests and visitors will see, so you want it to send a message. By selecting unique and original styles of mansion doors and then building the entrance around the doors your personal style will shine through.

The Shape of Doors

The shape of mansion doors helps to create a look. Traditional or modern, classic or completely original, the outline of the door should match the architectural style of the home.

Round top or arched doors are very popular in mansion doors. They are larger and, with the gentle rounded or slightly arched top, they have a very classic shape and design. Rounded front or accent windows add to the look while round top or arched doors can also be highlighted by side lites to make a regal looking presentation.

Single or Double

While many people assume all styles of mansion doors are double doors, this is not always the case. Single doors can be created to be oversized and to feature operational side lights, elegant transoms and unique elements in the design of the door to make them really stand out.

Double mansion doors are popular for larger grand entrances. With a variety of beautiful and exotic wood choices, the option of different hardware and features, and even a choice glass design, these are exceptional doors for any home.

The Design

Once you have selected the style and design elements of mansion doors the architect or designer of the home can create an entrance around the door. This may include custom brickwork, which is a beautiful way to highlight the lines of a round top door. It is also possible to create a spacious and welcoming covered entrance to highlight the door.

Keep in mind there is always the option to custom design mansion doors for your home and property. Not all door manufacturers provide this option but the top companies will help you in creating and delivering the door you have always wanted.

Providing beautiful, durable and one of a kind mansion doors since 1977, Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. is here to help. To see our inventory or start your custom design visit us at website. You can also visit our Facebook page for more information.

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