Cosmetic Dentists Services In Grand Prairie TX Include Implant-Secured Dentures

Cosmetic Dentists Services In Grand Prairie TX Include Implant-Secured Dentures

Dental implants are the most optimal way to replace missing teeth as of 2017. Practitioners offering Cosmetic Dentists Services In Grand Prairie TX encourage patients to choose implants instead of dentures or bridges if they can afford this option.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Like other forms of false teeth, dental implants offer cosmetic benefits by filling gaps in the smile and functional benefits by allowing the person to chew food effectively. They have the additional advantage of functioning like natural tooth roots. The implanted rods stimulate the jaw during chewing and encourage new bone cell growth.

New bone growth is crucial for maintaining the strength and density of the jawbone. When no new bone growth occurs and the structure begins to deteriorate somewhat, the mouth starts to look caved in, and that adds years to the person’s face. Implants stimulating the jawbone prevent it from shrinking and becoming fragile.

Denture-Secured Implants

An intriguing development for people who cannot afford a full set of upper or lower implants is the possibility of having a limited number of implants placed to secure the dentures when they in the mouth. Although not ideal, it is much healthier for the jawbone than having no implanted rods or natural teeth roots at all.

This option has the added benefit for the patient of stabilizing the dentures so they don’t ever come loose or shift while chewing. The teeth snap in and stay firmly in place. In addition, the false teeth do not sit directly on the gums and so are less likely to cause irritation to those soft tissues. After receiving denture-secured implants from practitioners of Cosmetic Dentists Services In Grand Prairie TX, the patient has a lovely new smile that rejuvenates the face.

Caring for Dentures

The patient still needs to care for the dentures as directed by a dentist with a clinic such as Carrier Dentistry. That means proper cleaning, which requires removing the false teeth daily since they cannot simply be brushed in the mouth. Dentists usually recommend keeping them out of the mouth and soaking them for several hours. Please visit the website Carrierdentistrytx.com for details on this particular dental practitioner.

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